Practice Sessions

Practice Session: Week Two Dribbling

Land Mines

Practice Session Lesson #4 of 5

Divide the players into two groups and place them on either side of 30 yard wide grid. All of the players on each side have a ball. The players begin by running quickly across the grid, looking up as they do so to avoid running in to players dribbling in the opposite direction. When they reach the other side of the grid they stop and wait for the coach to restart them.

1. Place a number of cones randomly throughout the grid. The players must now continue to dribble at speed with out touching the cones or running into other dribblers.
2. The players must now dribble across the grid and then immediately to one side and then directly across to the other side.

Coaching Points: Dribble at speed and push the ball 4-5 yards in front of you when you see an open space directly ahead.
Shorten your strides and keep the ball closer as you approach another player or a line.
Practice pushing and cutting the ball with your weaker foot.